Mork & Mindy
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Mork & Mindy is beautifully bizarre. It features Robin Williams as alien, Mork from Ork. He’s on Earth to investigate human customs and report back to his superiors. Mork is played by Robin Williams. Again, just to be clear, Mork is played by Robin Williams one of the funniest actors to appear on screen. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Robin brings to a show. Now you get him twice every morning on RewindTV. It’s shared adrenalin. Hilarity builds as Mork is guided through earth culture by supportive humans Mindy McConnell (Pan Dawber), her dad Fred McConnell (Conrad Janis), Exidor (Robert Donner) and Franklin Bickley (Tom Poston) among others. TV fans, let’s not forget Mearth McConnell played by William’s idol and mentor, the great Jonathan Winters.

Humans have a tough enough time trying to understand each other. Think how much funnier it is when an alien tries to figure us out.

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