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Rewind TV is the brainchild of all three Apollo 13 astronauts.
Not really, but that would be so cool.

Rewind TV is a digital multicast network airing on television stations across the U.S. That sounds important. It should be. Because Rewind TV is dedicated to TV shows from the 80s and 90s. All your radical favs.

Rewind TV is a free time machine available over the air using rabbit ears (a traditional broadcast antenna) or rooftop antenna. Free as in no passwords, sign-ups, logins or asking for your credit card. You’ll find RewindTV as a digital multicast channel often on a .2 or .3 channel depending on the city and station. Some cable companies carry local affiliate feeds of Rewind TV. And we’re working to make it available in all U.S. markets.

If your community does not have Rewind TV, stay calm. In a cordial but I-mean-business kind of manner, let your local television stations know you would like to see Rewind TV classic programming. Do it for your neighborhood. Do it for the planet.

Rewind TV is owned and operated by Nexstar Media Inc. and headquartered in the city of the big shoulders, Chicago.

Rewind TV, more fun than goat yoga.

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