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The best doctor’s appointment you’ll have is with Dr. John Becker (Ted Dansen), who runs a clinic in New York City. He makes house calls twice a day, seven days a week on RewindTV, so you can meet this curmudgeon at home. Not sure what could make Becker happy. He only has one competent assistant, Margaret Wyborn (Hattle Winston) and Linda (Shawnee Smith) who’s nowhere close to capable. No one can stand Becker. He may have just one friend, blind Jake Malinak (Alex Desert), who runs the newsstand in the diner across the street. In the middle is diner owner Chris Conner (Nancy Travis), the woman Becker loathes with intermediate times of attraction. These and other challenged characters await on Becker.

If this sounds like your life, tune in. If it doesn’t, tune in and enjoy someone else’s problems.

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