RewindTV can assuredly say, Wings will NOT loose your luggage. Brothers Brian (Steven Weber) and Joe Hackett (Tim Daly) take to the air four times a day, seven days a week on Rewind. The brothers run Sandpiper Air out of the small airport on Nantucket. Get a load of Brian’s goofy ideas, the relationship of Joe and Helen Chappel-Hacket (Crystal Bernard), the always funny airline competitor Roy Biggins (David Shramm), kindly ticket agent Fay Cochran (Rebecca Schull) and a long lineup of well-known guest appearances. But if you’re like us diehard TV fans, check out the cab driver, Antonio Scarpacci (Tony Shalhoub). Watch Shalhoub and you’ll know why this actor went on to major motion pictures and leading roles. He’s the quintessential character actor, a chameleon who knows how to do funny and pulls it off on Wings.

Welcome to Wings on RewindTV. We’ll be boarding recliner chairs first, followed by couches.

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