The Greatest Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toy ever made!!

By: Jason Fitzsimmons

Back in 2017, S.H. Figuarts released what has been described by many as the single greatest action figure of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ever released, and that’s saying something, because of the years, we’ve been treated to what seems like countless iterations of the pudgy sailor.

At an original price point of just under $100 (including shipping), the 7″ scale figure packed a decent amount of value, boasting a screen accurate likeness, interchangeable faces, swappable hands, and unparalleled articulation, at least, when compared to other Stay Puft toys.

Given it was announced in the summer of 2016, a point that we were all being bombarded by reboot merchandise, I foolishly wrote it off, viewing it as just another Stay Puft. However, over the past few years, it’s become one of my collection’s white whales, with the price on third-party sale sites more than tripling.

As luck would have it, recently, I found one listed through eBay that didn’t break the bank, and despite this figure now being nearly seven years old, I thought we’d give it a full review and see if it’s worth all the hype and the now inflated price tag.


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