David Faustino From ‘Married… With Children’ Is Now 48 And Raps As Lil Gweed

by Lauren Novak

David Faustino got his first job at the very young age of three months old. As a baby, he appeared in The Lily Tomlin Special. He continued acting and appeared on popular shows such as Little House on the Prairie and Family Ties until he got his big break on Married… With Children at age 13.

The show premiered in 1987 and followed the Bundy family for 11 seasons. When the show ended, David was 22 years old and while he has continued acting, he also works behind the scenes and started rapping.

What is David Faustino doing now?
David raps under the name Lil Gweed, and began hosting parties at West Hollywood nightclubs in his 20s. If you’re a fan of Married… With Children, you may remember his character Bud’s bedroom walls being covered with rap music posters. This was inspired by David’s real-life love of rap music.

In more recent years, David has appeared on shows Modern Family, Entourage, The Young and The Restless, and more. He even started his own web series called Star-ving where he played a more dramatic version of himself and reunited with his former Married… With Children co-stars. David has also voiced several animated characters on shows such as Batman Beyond, Johnny Bravo, and Bad Samaritans.

David is now 48 years old. He continues to act occasionally, has his own radio show called the Old Scratch Radio Hour for Dash Radio, and DJs. He also has a daughter named Ava with his long-time partner Lindsay Bronson. David was briefly married to a woman named Andrea Elmer in the 2000s.

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