David Spade Opens Up About Fight With The Late Chris Farley

by Lauren Novak

David Spade and Chris Farley were hilarious together in movies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. They also worked together on Saturday Night Live. However, David opened up about a huge fight they had on the set of Tommy Boy. He talked to Rob Lowe about it on the Everything Comedy podcast.

David admitted that they were pretty overtired from working so much. They were both filming Tommy Boy and Saturday Night Live. Even more stressful, Tommy Boy was filming in Toronto, and SNL filmed in New York City so they had to travel back and forth several times during the week.

David Spade shares a story about a fight he had with Chris Farley

Near the end of the filming of Tommy Boy, David said they were fighting like “an old married couple” because they were together all of the time. One night when they were in Toronto, Chris said he wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early. David ended up meeting Rob Lowe for a quick drink at the hotel bar before he went to bed. The next day, Chris got really mad that he was left out!

He argued with David about it and it ultimately ended up in a physical fight. David was trying to avoid a fight but Chris shoved him down a flight of stairs. Luckily it doesn’t sound like he was hurt and they later made up.

Guess it goes to show that even the best of friends need a break from each other!

SOURCE: https://doyouremember.com/155782/david-spade-fight-chris-farley

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