Your Mom’s Vintage Tupperware Might Be Worth Lots Of Money

by Lauren Novak

Do you have any old Tupperware lying around? If you do, you must know about the new market for vintage Tupperware. Tupperware sets are selling for hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay and Etsy. So, if you have some vintage Tupperware in your home, you may want to look into how much it is worth these days. You could make some extra cash. Who doesn’t want that?

It seems as though select sets like Tupperware’s Wonderlier line or Servalier line could sell for several hundred dollars. Many other vintage Tupperware pieces sell online for around $2 to $20 each. The price you can get depends on the quality and condition of each piece too. Generally, older pieces sell the best because they may be rare.

Some people are even starting vintage Tupperware shops online. They scour garage sales, estates sales, thrift shops, and other places for old Tupperware that they could flip for a profit. One seller says that the best seller of old Tupperware is the Crystal color. Tupperware actually still sells replacement lids in that exact shade. Did you know that?

There is another line of Tupperware products that are highly popular, too. It is the Millionaire line which includes pink, green, and blue pieces. They still look so cool! Check your attic or basement for old Tupperware pieces and look up how much they are worth. If you regularly visit thrift shops or garage sales, make sure to grab some Tupperware if you find it. You could actually make a decent profit from selling them.

Right now, on eBay there are over 19,000 listings for “vintage Tupperware” and it is the #1 trending search. $2 to $20 might not seem like a lot, but if your mom was anything like ours, she had anywhere between 10 to 30 pieces of Tupperware and they were all in pristine condition. That can add up quickly! Remember that vintage Pyrex pieces are worth some cash, too. The great thing about Pyrex and Tupperware is that they are made to last, especially older pieces. You can still have high-quality, good condition pieces from decades ago.

If you are unsure if vintage Tupperware is legitimate, check out a mold number (two-part number) stamped on the product. It should also say Tupperware somewhere on the piece. This is how you know it is authentic. Do you have any old Tupperware pieces or sets lying around? Do you think they are worth money? Or could you never give them up?


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