Coca-Cola – Pippen vs. Barkley Commercial

While housed in an otherwise abandoned gym, fellow Dream Team alumni Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley taunt one another with supernatural displays of showmanship and power – Pippen opts to showcase his ability to spin a ball in mid-air, sans the use of even a single finger, while Barkley responds by deflating his ball with an excessively forceful two-handed squeeze. The confrontation soon escalates into a fast paced one-one-one matchup between the two athletes. Likely due to maintaining the air in his ball, Pippen gains an early advantage, but is soon nearly paralyzed when a vicious shoulder block from his rival sends him careening over a several yard portion of the court. As one would imagine, the spirited contest generates a tremendous thirst within each of its participants, so they opt to purchase some soft drinks from a nearby vending machine. Rather than acquiring their sodas by conventional means, Pippen sinks a quarter into its slot from a seemingly unreasonable distance. Perhaps even more remarkably, that single coin garners enough Coca-Cola for each of them to have a bottle of their own, despite its much higher suggested retail price. Once in-hand, the elixir calms the pair, who share a laugh while sitting next to each other on the bleachers.

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